What we stand for

Informaat was founded almost three decades ago. Today, the playing field is much different, however our mission remains the same: To enrich people’s lives by making the digital products and services they use more attractive, inspiring and user-friendly.

In doing so, we go further than the design of a single website or a nice image. It is our belief that the combination of creative design and a systematic approach leads to sustainable results, in which outside-in thinking really takes place. User centricity is more than a “project” for us.

deliver, co-create and support

Deliver, co-create and support

Our approach consists of three types of engagement: “voordoen, meedoen, zelf doen”, which translates as “deliver, co-create and support”. “Deliver” by implementing projects with clients with (as-yet) insufficient internal UX competencies. “Co-create” by carrying out shared design projects. And “support” by helping organizations to achieve success using their own UX expertise. This approach is supported by our CX Framework.

Based on our experience, we work together to find the best type of engagement for your organization.


We work with reputable clients in different sectors: Finance, government, industry and service providers. Typical applications of our work are:

  • Digital self-service touchpoints for end users and customers.
  • Mobile devices.
  • Customer service applications.
  • Intranets.
  • Knowledge-sharing platforms.

Get to know us

Our people are driven professionals, more than 80 in total. We have specialists from various disciplines in-house: interaction designers, content strategists, service designers, content architects, visual designers, web-editors, front-end developers, coaches, project managers and strategic advisors.

Behind the scenes, our project teams are supported by colleagues from HR, office support, and finance.

Picture of management team of Informaat
Our management team consists of (from left to right) Danny van Wieringen, Susanne van Mulken, Marcel Kosters and Rieneke Deelstra.

In Numbers

20+ Long-standing client relationships

85+ Driven UX professionals

2349 Projects completed

284.000 Days of digital design


On a regular basis we work with partners, such as Accenture Health & Public Services, Twijnstra Gudde, Info Support, TJIP, HKV and Live Presence. Informaat is also closely involved with Dutch Digital Agencies, User Central and the Service Design Network Netherlands.

Working at Informaat

If you are interested in joining us and working at Informaat, then contact our recruiter Silje Harthoorn or visit Werken bij Informaat (Dutch only).

E-mailadres jobs@informaat.nl
Telefoonnummer +31 (0) 35 543 1222