An online sales funnel allowing entrepreneurs to choose an appropriate insurance package for their business risks. Flexible and easy-to-use. Our team of interaction designers and front-end developers assisted insurer Centraal Beheer to become the first provider in the Netherlands to bring such a tool to the market.

Multi-part funnel with excellent UX and good conversion

The possibility for an entrepreneur to select the insurance products that comprise his package (for example liability, building, automobile fleet, assets) and further customize each of the selected products in order to meet his business needs. This implies a set of product funnels within an overarching package funnel. In multiple ways, it’s a challenging design problem. How do you make sure the customer feels confident enough in customizing each insurance product? That he can easily provide all the necessary details? That he keeps an overview of entire package through the process? And how do you deal with all interdependencies between products? These were some of the challenges that our designers had to sink their teeth into.

Online first, phone and chat as backup

Starting with the concept for a simple package funnel, we detailed the user experience of an entrepreneur by creating process and screen flows, wireframes and an interactive prototype. During several iterations with the business consultant, marketeers, copywriters, business analysts and IT specialists, we fine-tuned the interaction details and business logic, and then engineered the production code for the front-end.

Examples of our CB customer flow scheme, code and user interface

The online environment has been laid out in such a clear way that in most cases, entrepreneurs can take out their insurance packages fully independently. However at any moment, customer support is standing by on phone and via chat. Furthermore, the new funnel supports them during the selection process by providing insight into how others in their same sector have insured themselves.

First transaction completed on Day 1

On the first day of its introduction, the newly-introduced funnel recorded its first transaction. With its “Entrepreneurs Policy”, Centraal Beheer has introduced the first fully-online insurance policy for Dutch entrepreneurial businesses.

The sales funnel can be seen at the Centraal Beheer website: De Ondernemers Polis (Dutch only)

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