Mobile Banking App for ING

An important step in ING’s mobile strategy (“mobile first”) was to launch the Mobile Banking app. This app now sits among the top 10 most popular apps in the Netherlands (source: Wakoopa).

Informaat guided ING on the setup of a UX team for mobile services and strengthened this team with expertise in visual and experience design.

Agile: from idea to success

In a multi-disciplinary, scrum-based setting, the team worked to coalesce the functional requirements, interaction patterns, visual design style and brand attributes into a concept design. The design style and brand attributes were evaluated for their applicability in a mobile setting. Moodboards helped to experiment with the use of color, and secure the agreement of stakeholders. Three concepts for the mobile app were thoroughly tested. The best concept was implemented across iOS, Windows and Android platforms.

Following the launch of the ING Mobile Banking app the number of users has grown dramatically. Currently, 1.8 million customers use the app, which represents 25.7% of all mobile users in the Netherlands.

Best mobile banking app

The ING app was named the best mobile banking app in the Netherlands by polling firm WUA!. The app managed to handle customer requests quickly and satisfactorily, and earned the highest percentage of correctly-solved tasks.

Informaat is proud of the role it played in the concept and detail design.

Moreover, we were also involved in the further development of the app, in which usability, security and customer satisfaction issues played key roles.

Want more information about this project?

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