Making the Dutch water-conscious

Clean, safe and adequate water isn’t a given. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment wants to make Dutch residents more aware of the costs and measures that are necessary to supply water and protect against flooding.

What do national and regional governments, and water utilities do? And what can citizens do themselves?

Concept design for two websites

The customer journey fun-fact-fear-learn-act

On the basis of a customer journey (“fun-fact-fear-learn-act”), Informaat designed two websites: „Ons water” (Our water) and „Overstroom ik?” („Will my neighborhood be flooded?)”.

The website is based upon interactive cards and stimulates users in a playful manner to learn more about clean, safe and adequate water in their own environment.

On the website citizens can fill in their postal code, check the maximum water levels, and what they should do in case of imminent flooding. For instance, leave or stay, what roads to take or avoid, and where to find dry shelter.

Moving quickly from concept to concrete website

After consultation with the decision makers, Informaat evolved the two concept designs into responsive prototypes. With these prototypes, the Ministry could carry out user research early on in the project.

Based on the findings from the user research, Informaat further honed the design. After that, we created style guides, content templates and content guidelines for the realization and management of the sites.

Informaat realized the site in a short period of time.

Want more information about this project?

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