Professionalizing UX capabilities

Priva is a well-established provider of sustainable technology for climate control systems for agriculture and building management.

In order to further grow their international reach and become more competitive, Priva requested Informaat to help with the improvement of the usability of its product lines. As strategic partner, we spent several years providing UX capacity and helping Priva with the growth and professionalization of its own UX capabilities.

A foundation based on service design

In 2008, Priva was looking for new ways in which to reinforce its market-leading position. It wanted to develop products with:

  • consistent UX over various product lines;
  • better ease-of-use;
  • improved support for the localization and translation of products for the international market.

It soon became clear that the engagement would be broader than user experience design alone. Instead of focusing solely on the pain points in specific user interfaces, we first carried out a service design project. This delivered much deeper insight into all of Priva’s touchpoints, and resulted in an overview of its entire service ecosystem.

Shared customer understanding throughout the organization

The service design project allowed us to see how Priva’s products were used, and what types of interaction take place between the different customer roles (such as facility managers, consultants and installers) during the service lifecycle. Personas, customer journeys and a service ecosystem helped build a shared understanding and disseminate it throughout the organization. Customer insight was no longer the exclusive domain of sales and marketing.

Together with Priva’s brand manager, Informaat organized a series of successful service design workshops, bringing to life a new appreciation for ‘design thinking’ within the organization.

Illustration: Example of persona description inside the Priva service ecosystem.

Strategic design applied to tactical projects

The results of the service design project served as the starting point for the following phases of concept design and detail design. Within the organization, the role of design gained prominence, leading to significantly improved products. As a result, Priva sees its transformation from an IT- to UX-focused business as an additional added value brought by Informaat.

Since 2008 we have carried out approximately 20 projects for Priva. These included the design of the corporate website, the creation of a graphical element library, the development of a visual identity for software applications and the design of various web applications and innovation projects.

Towards independent innovation

Over the course of time, Priva realized that UX design is too important to leave to external employees, and decided to become self-sufficient in this area. UX needed to become an internal core competency. Informaat helped build that expertise.

We support the development of organization-specific UX competencies, with the recruitment of UX professionals and the creation of an internal UX design studio which is strategically connected within the organization.

Priva is now capable of carrying out innovation activities with its own people, design methodologies and tools. Websites, web applications, touchscreen applications, desktop applications: All are designed with the needs, expectations and goals of users as the starting point.

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