Created as a co-operative bank in the late 19th century, Rabobank is unique in the Dutch financial sector. It draws on the support of nearly two million “members”, who are both customers and stakeholders. And it operates on the principle of Een aandeel in elkaar (“A share in each other”).

Customer focus at the center

Rabobank didn’t need convincing that customer-centeredness should be part of its strategy – it already was, before our work began with them. As a case in point, their state-of-the-art “UX Center” was placed at the center of their new Utrecht management center, showcasing the bank’s focus on user experience.

Customer journey thinking

Our initial engagements with Rabobank were aimed at supporting and strengthening their fast-growing UX department. However a key chapter of the service design playbook – customer journeys – became a hot topic shortly afterwards. With several disconnected customer journey initiatives gaining momentum within the bank, it was decided to set up a dedicated team of customer journey “specialists”. Informaat also contributed to this team, and started what would become a long-term engagement.

Customer journey

A team-based approach

The customer journey specialists draw upon backgrounds in service design and UX, and represent the UX department on the “business” side of Rabobank. Each specialist is dedicated to a small, nimble, marketing-led team.

Each team orients its activities around customer journeys, which are identified, developed and optimized – all while synchronizing individual customer journeys within an overall framework. The outcome of the work is specifically oriented around short-term optimizations to the customer experience, and effort takes place according to the Agile methodology with sprints.

Rabobank frequently verifies with their customers – in their state-of-the-art UX Center – whether all modifications indeed result in a better customer journey.

A service design hallmark

Informaat provided a significant contribution to the development of a customer journey template of Rabobank. The high profile that the approach itself has found within the bank lends credence to the fact that customer journeys are one of most powerful tools in the service design toolbox. As they continue to support the wide range of UX activities undertaken by the bank, customer journeys ensure that a customer focus remains at the heart of Rabobank.

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