Digital services everywhere

Ziggo delivers digital television, internet and telephone service to 3.2 million households. Alongside those, Ziggo offers interactive information, communication and entertainment services. These services are used by customers on their televisions, PCs, tablets, smartphones and game consoles.

Visualizing the future through prototyping

How can we translate our vision for digital entertainment into a concrete, proven concept design, ready for product development? This was the question that Ziggo’s product management department posed to Informaat at the start of this project.

The result is a testable reference design in the form of a prototype, in which Ziggo’s future digital services are made available across different devices. The prototype was used to visualise and refine requirements, and to involve stakeholders early on in the process.

Any device, any time, any place

A good user experience depends on a seamless experience across different devices. Therefore, we designed and visualized not only the interaction concept for individual devices, but also the underlying interaction framework which unites them. To imagine this in context, think about the experience of pausing a film on your television, and continuing to watch it on your tablet.

In addition, all the new digital services have a recognizeable and clear identity, which is optimised for different devices, platforms and contexts of use.

Consistent user experience

Based on the concept design, we made ‘design briefs’ so that the product managers could efficiently launch, brief, manage and review different development projects.

Our concept design has given Ziggo product management a powerful method to determine the future user experience of their services, and to maintain both UX consistency and seamless experiences across devices.

Want more information about this project?

To learn more about our work with Ziggo or how we develop concept designs, contact Marcel Kosters.

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