Service design meets content strategy

Consistent content start with an adequate content strategy: know what to publish, when, and with which means. Experience has shown us that bringing this discipline into contexts of service design provides tremendous added value. A compelling customer experience starts with mapping your services, in which content plays a crucial role. An obvious combination, but in practice content often comes into scope much too late. At that moment, it’s often nearly impossible to realize the necessary coherence.

Results of a content journey

In several successful workshops, for example the one at the Service Design Global Conference 2016, it appears that a content journey provides valuable triggers to decide the role of content in your services. You’ll get answers to questions such as which needs are addressed, which content is available within the organization and what can be changed to improve your content. The combination of service design with content strategy allows you to design for customer experiences with consistent content.

See for yourself?

Would you like to know more about our Content Journey Masterclass? We’d love to drop by to show and tell you how to map content journeys and how to enrich your services with this extra dimension in customer journeys. Marcel Kosters will be more than happy to tell you how we can help you.

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