The starting point for customer experience

Many organizations know well how they want to engage and persuade their customers. However, how they put this into practice often differs between department and disciplines. As a result, you get big differences in form, style and quality between physical and digital touchpoints. This disturbs an excellent customer experience.

A single source for a singular experience

In a customer experience library you collect all usable resources that contribute to the design of excellent customer experiences. The customer experience library contains for example, design principles, color palettes, personas, brand values and reusable code. Together with our customer experience designers you decide what you want to include in the library.

We check if existing resources are still current and relevant, and revise when necessary. And when things are missing or are unsuitable for use organization-wide we add it or make it more universal. Of course, we involve all stakeholders in these processes. Thus, we create support for the customer experience library throughout the organization.

Elements of a customer experience library
Elements of a customer experience library

Create, grow and secure

Putting together a customer experience library can be done very quickly. Every organization has some way of storing knowledge and tools, no matter how modest. The value of a customer experience library lies in its communality. Everyone who participates in customer experience design can draw from the same well.

Moreover, everyone can contribute to the customer experience library, because it’s continually growing with best practices from every design discipline. Therefore, we also think about the governance of the customer experience library and its embedding in the organization. We provide answers to questions such as: Where can I find the customer experience library? Who’s responsible for its content? How to keep everything neat and tidy? That’s how you secure the customer experience library’s place within the organization.

Why a customer experience library?

  1. One source for an excellent customer experience, less discussion between departments
  2. Increased innovation pace due to shorter design and develop time
  3. Easier access to current design knowledge, less mistakes
  4. Faster style adjustments
  5. More efficient prototyping and training with an integrated sand box

The key to the treasure house?

Want to know more on how to establish, maintain and implement a library for excellent customer experiences? Danny van Wieringen can tell you all about how Informaat can help you.

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