Succesful organizations know how to earn customer loyalty

Customers increasingly demand attractive, relevant and consistent digital services. Only those organizations that know how to inspire, engage and connect with their customers will become and remain successful. And these efforts pay off, according to research consultancy Forrester: Organizations who have achieved CX excellence see significantly higher returns than those who have not.

Success is no accident

For the most part, organizations have their digital touchpoints in order. They have a digital strategy, an internal UX capability, and have managed to deliver successful digital services. But the number of projects, the budgets required, and the number of stakeholders grow at a steady rate.

To face these challenges head-on and remain successful, it’s necessary to step up and take a new approach. In our vision, this involves taking a broader view and looking at your digital services as a whole. Achieving customer experience excellence occurs when successful customer experiences aren’t due to chance, but to a systematic approach.

The Informaat CX canvas

UX in a broader perspective

Customer experience describes the effect of all the interactions and touchpoints that a customer experiences with an organization. These are influenced not only by direct factors such as the brand, marketing, products and services, but through indirect factors such as organizational culture, work styles, customer vision and technical capabilities. Delivering excellent customer experience requires a broader view of the experiences of your customers. This calls for an organizational-wide CX vision and CX strategy, as well as a tactical CX foundation that makes efficient and consistent implementation possible.

Having control over every factor

Organizations that have control over all the factors which influence customer experience are able to quickly innovate, reduce costs, connect with their customers and inspire them. As a result, better products and services are brought to the market, and customer satisfaction grows. In short, they’re prepared for the future.

Ready to make the next step?

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