Large corporations and organizations have an increased focus on User Experience (UX)​, driven by both the move towards digital self-service​ and the​​​​ growth ​in the number of digital touchpoints with their customers. As a result, the ​role played by UX in organizations is growing.

UX Management Roundtable

Twelve Dutch UX managers (from organizations such as Funda, ANWB, CZ health insurance and the three major retail banks ING, Rabobank and ABN AMRO) are member​s​ of the UX Management Roundtable, an initiative of Informaat. ​They meet r​egularly​ to discuss what keeps them busy and how they position UX in their organization​s​.

Familiar challenges

The ‘UX ​Management ​C​hallenges 2015’ ​report ​summarizes the conversations of the roundtable​, and contains topics of interest for all UX professionals:

  • Permanent improvement of UX teams
  • UX design and development and Agile
  • Tests and evaluations: How and what?
  • How is UX positioned in the organization?
  • What is the relation between Big Data and UX?

​At Informaat, ​we support organizations​​ in ​improving and implementing ​their digital strategy​. As UX thought leaders within the Netherlands, the UX Management Roundtable is one way in which we aim to strengthen the practice of UX. If you have questions on how we can support your organization in delivering better customer experiences, we invite you to contact Marcel Kosters.

Download the UX Management Challenges 2015 report

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