The research is based on interviews held with UX managers from large and small Dutch companies. Most of them are member of the UX management circle.

An increasing number of companies discovers that customer journeys are an excellent method to experience the full (omnichannel) service delivery through the eyes of the customer. However, the authors state that there are significant differences in how they do it. Practices range from highly structured processes and the use of quantitative customer data, to informal and ad hoc.

In the report you’ll find UX managers’ experiences with the introduction, use, and embedment of customer journeys in their organizations. They give their views and (strong) opinons. The report also contains interesting cases and tips on how to apply customer journeys in your organization.

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Interested in the report?

Download: ‘Customer Journeys in NL: Last-minute backpacking or an organized trip’ (.pdf)

The UX management circle was initiated by Informaat. Regularly, Informaat organizes meetings for UX managers to get together, share their challenges and experiences and to inspire each other.

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For the report, the following UX managers were interviewed:

  • Jennie Huijboom (ABN AMRO)
  • Frank de Wit (ANWB)
  • Bart Wouters (Coolblue)
  • Pia Mitchell (UWV)
  • Sonja Radenkovic (TomTom)
  • Nils Vergeer/Edwin Lieftink (CZ)
  • Marcel Kouwenberg (IKEA)
  • Maurice Bölte (Rabobank)
  • Jimmy van der Have (Exact)
  • Anneke van de Langkruis (Priva)
  • Rob Paauw/Margot Nuijten (PostNL)
  • Tijn Borms (SnappCar)
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